Karla Fornoville



Specialization: Contract Law

Other subject areas: IT law, copyright, medical law, school law

Correspondence languages: German, English, Dutch

Karla Fornoville, born in 1974, has worked as a lawyer since 2005 and primarily deals with matters in the area of ​​contract law with an interest in IT, copyright and data protection law. As a former corporate lawyer for an international show producer, she has sound specialist and application knowledge in contract law and marketing. In copyright law, she advises clients across Germany, for example on file-sharing warnings.

She also works on mandates in medical law. In addition to questions in the field of medical liability, she deals with treatment contracts as well as IT and data protection matters.

Another focal point of her work is school law, where she concentrates on mandates in the area of ​​private school law. Their counseling service is aimed not only at students and their parents, but above all at private educational institutions.

Her main focus is the avoidance of legal disputes, because a large part of the disputes does not have to be held in court. Discussions can often be avoided by a thorough and individually tailored to the respective business or life situation contract consulting in advance connected with expert negotiation. This is a major motivation of her legal activity.

Furthermore, Karla Fornoville is fluent in Dutch and English.