Avoid situations that endanger your existence

Healthcare compliance is currently gaining more and more importance, not least because the high damage potential of white-collar crime in the health sector is being used as an opportunity to greatly expand their persecution and bring it to the public. The Schwirtzek Attorneys - at - Law team combines subject - specific knowledge from business law and the health care market, which is indispensable for the development of solution - oriented concepts and reliable contractual arrangements.

Certification of companies serves not only to secure competitive advantages and to convey a positive signal on the market, to employees and customers, to comply with standards of compliance management, to comply with regulations, but also to avoid liability risks for corporate bodies. In addition, businesses benefit from fines and compensation payments by introducing an effective CMS.

Together with you, we approach this restructuring systematically, according to current, internationally recognized standards and with our unlimited support for your company. This includes, in particular, the identification and implementation of relevant, general and special compliance rules, education of corporate bodies through training and consulting.

The certification is or is based on the international codified standards ISO 19600 and IDW PS 980. The scope of a CMS is always dependent on the individual company characteristics, the standards used are therefore only a guide to the recommendation, development and certification of a CMS for the Companies.